18 July 2013

New Blog Look and a Page!


Just a short update on the happenings in my life (⊙ω⊙) 
So... as you can see... I gave my blog a new look \( ゚ヮ゚)/ I figured that it was time for a change since the previous look was a bit "sad"... I mean, to me, it felt like my blog was a bit depressing with my Misaki Mei cover and dull colors OTL

SO! I gave my blog more colors and even put in effort to design the cover /although all i did was just put words on it/ I also changed the fonts and small details like 'link' & 'hover' colors (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) My blog feels so much brighter and welcoming now OTL Hope you guys like it too ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-

Next update would be: A page
I just created a Facebook Page a day ago and its meant for sharing purposes (O3O) I was extremely hesitant towards creating a page because i was afraid i would get mistaken for wanting...fame....and stuff..... I AM JUST PARANOID OTL But, one of the main reasons why i went ahead and created one anyway would be because i am gonna be slowly deleting people from my cosplay account. I know its a cosplay account and i should let others be on it BUT, I am actually migrating to another country in less than a year and I want to be able to get to know the cosplayers in Singapore's community better... So I am gonna delete those that I am not familiar with (mainly non-locals). So the page would be like another platform for others to view my cosplays and 'communicate' with me.
This page is not a full cosplay page though!!! I actually plan to post photography stuffy and makeup tutorials that i have been wanting to do in forever .

Anyway~ the update is over and if you want to see 'full' collections of my pictures and stuff,
 [PAGE] Yukarin: Story Of My Life

Once again, thank you for reading and i hope you like the blog's new look!


07 July 2013

Cosfest XII Day 1 [6.07.2013]

In an effort to not be late, I am writing the post now....

HELLO. So I attended Cosfest XII (day 1) yesterday  (❍ᴥ❍ʋ). Cosfest is a Cosplay Convention held every year and the admission is FREE! \o/ This year's cosfest is also known as Heart Of Cosplay . There were cosplay catwalks /didn't participate/ , performances by an Indonesian cosplay group and Karaoke (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Reika Arikawa attended Cosfest this year too! She was selling her merchandises at the event and they sold out completely. People were already queueing at her booth before the event even started. OAO

With every /big/ event, the number of attendees (cosplayers) increase and Cosfest is not an exception. It was so crowdeddddddd (=_=)  . And it was super hot too /cries/ Thank god it was air-conditioned in the tent.
Ahh... I forgot to mention who i was cosplaying as at the event \( ゚ヮ゚)/
I present to you ONODERA RITSU!!
/Urm... If you are on my Facebook you should know that recently my Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Fandom has spiralled 'out of control'   kyaha . I revamped my entire facebook profile and even gave myself an alternate name called 'TakaRitsuFag'/
Anyway, this is me.  
I have not worn my black shirt yet....
Of course i do have a Takano <3 <3 <3
Kairin Puripuripuri
Okay so for the first time in a very long while, I did my preparations at home (make-up etc.) Cosplayer Xuan Hui also came over to my house to prepare and then we cabbed to Downtown East . She did Mikasa from Shingeki No Kyojin.
As i was on medication, I was feeling drowsy for like 70% of the time. So, if i acted really anti-social or stuff, I apologize (◞‸◟;)
I actually bought a Fujifilm Instax a day before event (to capture memories at events since i am leaving) XD I might do a review for it (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

(Btw, Polaroid is actually a brand and not the name for the instant pictures/films. Polaroid is a camera brand like Nikon/Canon/Pentax that is no longer being made. So don't be confused no more!)

I am extremely happy and grateful to have been able to attend Cosfest. I was able to meet my friends and my Idols ʕ •ᴥʔ I also collected many coscards and now i really need 2 more new name card albums to store my friend's homeless coscards (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) 
I only bought myself an Armin badge [#´Д`] Not really a big fan of Chibi art so many of the badges didn't appeal to me OTL. /no picture/

Time for the instax!!

 I took my first ever Instax with Tousa Bao/Sara! Extremely lucky to spot him right at the
start of the event ( ^◡^) Even got him to sign on the picture hurrrrr.

The second Instax I took was with the twins Akane Chian & Ojiru Juu(min)
When I got them to sign on the picture Tousa Bao was like "never ask me 
to sign!!" wwwww he forgot he already did hahahahaha 8'D

The next 2 that i took was with my Takano <3 (kairin). The Instax on the left was 
taken by someone else with her own Instax (・ω・) So nice of her to give
me the picture 8'D The one on the right is me and Takano's lovey dovey picture 8'D

Next one was with Looi En Qi (Yosuke Sora)! Was resting at the ticket booth /drowsy/ and
she came to greet us 8'D Took one with her 8D

Saw Shine so chiong-ed there to grab a picture and exchanged coscards 8'D 
so slim aslcakjhhfiu

Then i saw Mein and Asta ლ(o◡oლ) As you can see they said I am Akane (Psycho Pass)...
\|°▿▿▿▿°|/ :no: and now my name /to them/ is officially 'German Girl'... Ah long story...

Super lucky to have gotten a shot with her!!! She was surrounded by SO MANY FANS. 
I honestly felt a bit pissed. Everyone was crowding around her and its the end of the event
and she is tired. At least me and kairin /and a few others/ had the decency to move away and make space for her =_= When there was space I asked for a picture because that was probably the last chance
i would get to take an instax with her /leaving SG/.

To Cosplayers: Please please please be considerate to your Idols. Don't crowd around them and give them no space. At least leave some space for people to take a proper picture and don't push.

Okayyyyy, So i have come to an end for this post. Lastly, I would like to Thank SG Cosplay Club for organizing this event again this year.
And to the readers , thank you! 
I shall now go recover from my muscle aches (ʃ˘̩̩ε˘̩ƪ) 

SeeU Photoshoot [24.5.13]

Hi guys!
As usual, this post is extremely overdue.  So are my assignments.

SeeU Photoshoot, Vesak Day
This photoshoot was a studio shoot. It was very rushed and last minute so i am extremely happy that I could find SKWs to help out OTL.
Special Thanks to Kang Yu and Xuan Hui for coming to help out!
Photographer was Jencus. First time working with him and i am very pleased with the photos!
The version I did was from the MV Run!! Maid SeeU if i should give it a name...
SeeU [maid]

I really love SeeU.
She is my favorite Vocaloid and the frst Vocaloid i have ever cosplayed! <3 <3 <3 <3 
Okay... So we planned the shoot to start at 12pm and end at 3pm. And i am extremely proud to say, being extremely anal about punctuality and all
I mean usually photoshoots never go as planned. Sometimes it starts too late or sometimes it just drags on and on. But, for this shoot we got all the pictures and just nice at 2.50pm, the camera's battery died and we packed up 8'D 
This shoot definitely challenged my flexibility. I was like asked to do 'splits' and 'back breaking stuff' and it was totally out of my league. I'm not that young you know.
 There was a lot of wig flippin too that DESTROYED MY WIG </3 I still have not taken it out of the plastic zip lock OTL /slapped and kicked/ 
I bought cakes and Chewy Junior for the shoot and Kang Yu was drooling most of the time. Of course I gave my SKWs a few bites >:3 Jencus brought like 2 packs of Heart- Shaped balloon which were extremely difficult to inflate OTL which resulted in me /doing make-up/ to help inflate a few :'3
 Did I mention how annoying my eyelids were that day.
see what see.
Chewy Juniors

Katy Perry

My Fave
I am not releasing anymore pictures!!
If you do like the pictures do support them on my WorldCosplay/Cure/dA XD Links are on the sideeee...
Once again i apologize for this EXTREMELY LATE post and I am extremely grateful for all the help i received during this impromptu shoot OTL Please forgive me 8'D
And now, I will proceed to fag over my OTP TakaRitsu.

Thank You for Reading!!!!!!


21 May 2013

DBS Marina Regatta 2013

Helloooo! It's been an EXTREMELY long time since I last blogged, but no worries, I am still alive _(:3 」∠)_

Last Saturday, 18 May, I attended Cure (event) which was part of DBS Marina Regatta 2013 (DMR13). Cure is an event jointly organized by DBS and the Singapore Cosplay Club. One of the purposes  was to promote Cosplay as a hobby. Other than cosplay, there was, of course, other events going on such as dragon boating. 

It has been almost a year since I touched cosplay and I am extremely  grateful to have been able to attend this event!! Thank you mom & dad (;´゚∀゚`)

On to the event!!
 I arrived at around 1 and was cosplaying as SeeU that day.
I kind of wish that event organizers would stop organizing outdoor events. Actually more of like non-air conditioned events? 8'D I mean, it's not easy to keep your make-up on your face with Singapore's tropical weather ( ̄∀ ̄;)
I won't have a lot to blog about as I was feeling unwell halfway through the event and had to resort to hiding inside MBS to rest. My best friend was having high fever that day too, so yea we were both sick, Like umm stomach aches and I felt like puking... NO I AM NOT PREGNANT NOR  WAS I FEELING THE NEED TO SHIT. The weather was HOT too ;w; 
Anyway, I did manage to take a FEW pictures before leaving. 

Look at the number of booths! 
(P.s. the dragon boaters were very hot) 
I also manage to take a few pics from the JoJo pose competition.(≧∇≦)

Also, a few camwhores!
With Ariane! a.k.a 老公

Kang Yu! Hurr both have blonde hair and blue eyes (⊙ω⊙)

Despite not being able to enjoy the event to the end, I do want to thank a few people! (Paiseh, copy and paste from FB 8'D)
"Firstly, I would like to thank my grandparents 8'D. They were such good sports and made me happy before I attended the event and stuff 8'D
Second would be (kairin). Thank you for going around the event with me and being like a "mother", carrying my coscards and lending me your mirror OTL. Umm and accompanying me on the escalator like 10+ times to take UNGLAM photos and joining me on my road to becoming a seiyuu LOL. My hamburger face is a thank you gift 8'D And damn those tarts you gave me and Ariane was badass (#゚ロ゚#)
Third would be my 老公, (Ariane). Thank you for being on time and coming for the event despite being sick. We both couldn't sleep the night before too 8'D Although you were sleeping for 3h at the event and missing out on a lot I am quite sure it was worth it CUZ you got to see *cough cough* ☆〜(ゝ。∂)Anyway, take care of your health a bit more QAQ
(Wisty)!! You keep on falling of your extremely tall Getas it's scary QAQ Thank you for joining me and kairin for awhile to go for bishops hunting 8'D And I know you are confused by that sound I was making at 7Eleven. It's nothing dirty I swear (;▽;)
(Alan) ! Although you neglected me /flips you/ I am glad we met up and took a few pictures 8'D sorry for disappearing halfway though, I wasn't feeling well and Ariane needed aircon 8'D I think I lost a part of my youth from acting cute (ノω=`)
Next would be the Malaysian cosplayers! 华文真的很差OTL很开心能认识你们!谢谢在FB上跟我聊天和跟我一起合照!
Lastly, thank you to everyone who said hi to me at the event and took pictures with me too! I got to meet my idols I feel so happy 8'D Thank you for the coscards too!"
Conclusion picture ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
I won't be attending anymore events for the time being, I think... But anyway, thank you for reading this post!! Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures ∑(゚∀゚ノ)ノ 

03 February 2013

Anna Sui: Flight of Fancy

Hi guys~ This Is NOT an Advertorial. 
Recently, I have become obsessed with scents. I think its because of the BL manga I read while I was in China that spurred me on to get my own Perfume. Or it could just be that I decide to conform and get one like KARINSAWA HARHARHAR. Anyway, It's Anna Sui's Flight Of Fancy
Look at that FANCY bottle.
It Burned a whole in my wallet though QAQ 
(p.s testing out my new camera 8D my dad gave me his old olympus!)
That's the thing about Anna Sui products. You get a really beautiful and fancy product for a heartbreaking price ;w;

I have been really into photography recently. Makes me happy and keeps me calm 8D

Okay this Perfume is awesome. I got it at Sasa for $84. original price is near or more than the hundreds I think? It was my lucky day, they happened to have a discount for Anna Sui products that day so i had to get it 8D
It has a fruity and flowery scent. Its not very strong though. This is more suitable for younger people though... Many of my friends said it suited me very well 8D So, if you are weird, vertically challenged, random and like BL, THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU. /gets slapped
Anyway, I love this perfume. Its just too pretty and it smells too good LOL.
I shall end this post here. Hope you liked the pictures!

26 January 2013


Hi guys!╰( ^ ㅂ ^)╯
Extremely late Happy New Year to you~ I have been really lazy to blog recently OTL
But, I'm back 8D. About a week ago, i was notified by one of my deviantART followers that there is someone impersonating me and stealing my photos and calling them her own? She sent me a link to the person's profile too OAO. Apparently, she blocked me before i even found out about her OAO|| hurr she took precautions  Yea, so it was a real pain to deal with her -.-||

She stole my Alois Trancy cosplay picture and even edited a Christmas hat onto me (-‸ლ)
She pretended to be me too 8'D teaching people how to do my make-up... And you guys are probably thinking "why not report her?" Well... she blocked me so I COULDN'T EVEN ACCEPT THE REQUESTS TO REPORT HER SENT BY MY FRIENDS (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

And so, being teenagers, me and my "rebellious" friends decided to troll her. My husbando even created a new Facebook account just to troll her. She hates shoujo manga but in the profile description she put the total opposite and even acted like a total weeaboo going
"Konnichiwa~!! Neko-chan desu nya >w</ 
I like anime and manga!! Especially shoujo mangas!!! I hate yaoi though, ewww~

Nice to meet minna-san nyaaa~

~neko-chan "

OMG I DIED. So all three went on a trolling spree. aiya i lazy to type the details
Anyway, the problem resolved nicely with Impersonator kindly deactivating/deleting her account (⊙ω⊙)
So..... If you do come across any Facebook/Twitter/WorldCosplay/Cure/DeviantArt/Tumblr accounts pretending to be me, please please please tell. All my other social networking sites are listed on the side so please drop me a message OTL I will really appreciate it ໒(• ŏᴗŏ•)७
And i would also want to thank AshiotoPiko (dA) for informing me <3 Thank you for reading this 
awareness post!! 

21 November 2012

Cosplaying For Beginners

 Well... I really hope this helps you. Really. Because, sharing is caring  too many people are coming to me to ask how to start cosplaying so from now on i will just throw this pokeball of information -take that hiya!- at them (⊙ω⊙) hurrrrrr /gets slapped/
  There are many videos on how to start cosplaying on YouTube so go look at some too 8D Cosplay is short form of "costume play". I myself personally think that effort is the most important 
when it comes to cosplaying. where is the love dude.ლ(O益Oლ) 
Plus, there is always drama on Facebook. So, it will be a wise 
decision to put in effort so people can't say anything *wink*
I also get freaked out, literally, when i see someone who doesn't 
put foundation and concealer when they have really bad skin 
/gomen/ Its like I am walking and i go, 
"ohh not bad"
Then the person turns around and I'm like
Just my personal experiences ;w;

To hell with experiences, I shall cut the crap.
People usually say the costume is the most important. But I would say LOVE is the most important. The costume part is really 
common sense. Remember this is a "how to cosplay" blogpost. 
So I am just gonna give you all the tips and tricks on how 
to start, no tutorials. So yes,
1. Love
2. Costume (+wig)
3. Make-up  
4. Feel & Posing
Easy Peasy. These are the 4 things you need to commit to. Follow this and no one should mess with you, unless you ask for it... 
This is ZE most important point you must have. Don 't start cosplaying if you don't LOVE the character. Only cosplay characters that you LOVE. Don't do it for the popularity or because you like the character's costume/face. I don't understand people that cosplay a character that they don't know. Always watch the series before cosplaying the character. I am not going to explain why. Learn from Nike and JUST DO IT . Don't cosplay the character just because you want to be the first in Your country or The world. Trust me, it won't get you very far.

Costume (+wig)
 You can't get started without the costume. Cuz the costume is part or the play. 
Try to get the most accurate costume you can find. If you can't, 
tailor it.

I think this will be the most long winded part to this blogpost. But it would mean "life or death" okay.
/gets slapped/ In my "generation" of cosplay, people look at the make-up more than the costume now....
The basic things you must have in your collection is 
Anime characters have nice skin. So foundation will be your best friend. Its essential to pick the right shade for your foundation. Since MOST characters have light skin. 
Cuz, you have characters like Ahomine. Also a tip, if you are doing a dark skin character, get a darker bronzer.
This is really important if you have lots of imperfections. And Remember to get the right kind of concealer for your skin. I will go into the nitty gritty details in another blogpost for cosplay make-up.
This is very important if you are doing female characters, since most of them have huge eyes that is not humanely possible to achieve in real life. So to make you look a bit more like the character, this is your best bet.
-Lip balm
Since lipstick/ lipgloss is really up to personal preference, when you do use this products, always use a lip balm before you apply anything on your lips. Cracking Lips don't look good in photos.
This 4 products are what i consider the MOST important products you should have. But there is of course, many other sub-components to cosplay make-up which i may or may not talk about next time. 

The last part, which is also very important.
Feel & Posing
You have sadistic, moe, tsundere, yandere, kuudere and many other kinds of characters out there. So always try to bring out the character properly. When watching the anime, you can screenshot scenes of the characters to use as reference to your posing. Google will be your good friend too :D

Now, when you have got these checked off your list, you're good ;)
All thats left is to enjoy what you are doing (=w=)b
I hope this helped you. Do comment if you have any questions, i will be happy to answer them for you :D Also rate this post so I know how you feel.  
take a look at my
<-- "do visit"