21 May 2013

DBS Marina Regatta 2013

Helloooo! It's been an EXTREMELY long time since I last blogged, but no worries, I am still alive _(:3 」∠)_

Last Saturday, 18 May, I attended Cure (event) which was part of DBS Marina Regatta 2013 (DMR13). Cure is an event jointly organized by DBS and the Singapore Cosplay Club. One of the purposes  was to promote Cosplay as a hobby. Other than cosplay, there was, of course, other events going on such as dragon boating. 

It has been almost a year since I touched cosplay and I am extremely  grateful to have been able to attend this event!! Thank you mom & dad (;´゚∀゚`)

On to the event!!
 I arrived at around 1 and was cosplaying as SeeU that day.
I kind of wish that event organizers would stop organizing outdoor events. Actually more of like non-air conditioned events? 8'D I mean, it's not easy to keep your make-up on your face with Singapore's tropical weather ( ̄∀ ̄;)
I won't have a lot to blog about as I was feeling unwell halfway through the event and had to resort to hiding inside MBS to rest. My best friend was having high fever that day too, so yea we were both sick, Like umm stomach aches and I felt like puking... NO I AM NOT PREGNANT NOR  WAS I FEELING THE NEED TO SHIT. The weather was HOT too ;w; 
Anyway, I did manage to take a FEW pictures before leaving. 

Look at the number of booths! 
(P.s. the dragon boaters were very hot) 
I also manage to take a few pics from the JoJo pose competition.(≧∇≦)

Also, a few camwhores!
With Ariane! a.k.a 老公

Kang Yu! Hurr both have blonde hair and blue eyes (⊙ω⊙)

Despite not being able to enjoy the event to the end, I do want to thank a few people! (Paiseh, copy and paste from FB 8'D)
"Firstly, I would like to thank my grandparents 8'D. They were such good sports and made me happy before I attended the event and stuff 8'D
Second would be (kairin). Thank you for going around the event with me and being like a "mother", carrying my coscards and lending me your mirror OTL. Umm and accompanying me on the escalator like 10+ times to take UNGLAM photos and joining me on my road to becoming a seiyuu LOL. My hamburger face is a thank you gift 8'D And damn those tarts you gave me and Ariane was badass (#゚ロ゚#)
Third would be my 老公, (Ariane). Thank you for being on time and coming for the event despite being sick. We both couldn't sleep the night before too 8'D Although you were sleeping for 3h at the event and missing out on a lot I am quite sure it was worth it CUZ you got to see *cough cough* ☆〜(ゝ。∂)Anyway, take care of your health a bit more QAQ
(Wisty)!! You keep on falling of your extremely tall Getas it's scary QAQ Thank you for joining me and kairin for awhile to go for bishops hunting 8'D And I know you are confused by that sound I was making at 7Eleven. It's nothing dirty I swear (;▽;)
(Alan) ! Although you neglected me /flips you/ I am glad we met up and took a few pictures 8'D sorry for disappearing halfway though, I wasn't feeling well and Ariane needed aircon 8'D I think I lost a part of my youth from acting cute (ノω=`)
Next would be the Malaysian cosplayers! 华文真的很差OTL很开心能认识你们!谢谢在FB上跟我聊天和跟我一起合照!
Lastly, thank you to everyone who said hi to me at the event and took pictures with me too! I got to meet my idols I feel so happy 8'D Thank you for the coscards too!"
Conclusion picture ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
I won't be attending anymore events for the time being, I think... But anyway, thank you for reading this post!! Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures ∑(゚∀゚ノ)ノ 

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