03 February 2013

Anna Sui: Flight of Fancy

Hi guys~ This Is NOT an Advertorial. 
Recently, I have become obsessed with scents. I think its because of the BL manga I read while I was in China that spurred me on to get my own Perfume. Or it could just be that I decide to conform and get one like KARINSAWA HARHARHAR. Anyway, It's Anna Sui's Flight Of Fancy
Look at that FANCY bottle.
It Burned a whole in my wallet though QAQ 
(p.s testing out my new camera 8D my dad gave me his old olympus!)
That's the thing about Anna Sui products. You get a really beautiful and fancy product for a heartbreaking price ;w;

I have been really into photography recently. Makes me happy and keeps me calm 8D

Okay this Perfume is awesome. I got it at Sasa for $84. original price is near or more than the hundreds I think? It was my lucky day, they happened to have a discount for Anna Sui products that day so i had to get it 8D
It has a fruity and flowery scent. Its not very strong though. This is more suitable for younger people though... Many of my friends said it suited me very well 8D So, if you are weird, vertically challenged, random and like BL, THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU. /gets slapped
Anyway, I love this perfume. Its just too pretty and it smells too good LOL.
I shall end this post here. Hope you liked the pictures!

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